-Their Absence-

I’ve ironically used photography to convey absence - a media often, and almost automatically used to reframe memory.
This series very much focuses on highlighting the loss of a relative, or their missing.
As something physical and thus wishes to capture its essence.
By materializing the absence one is undeniably transforming it into an actual physical form.
One might forget features of a face but remembers the loss or sentiment of emptiness. I made new family albums from scratch with pictures I'd edit so they'd be more accurate in telling the story of our life.
Aiming to create a visual discomfort by recreating in a way, pictures I grew up with.
They could have been thrown away but remained in the albums, either torn up or cut out which I’ve always found to be quite a powerful statement.
As if this faceless form was illustrating our education and shaping our identity.
As if we we going to ignore, to forget this gap in our family story and had forever to visualise its existence.
Dads is a blunt testimony of absence, a disturbing hole in the most powerful piece of evidence.
You can’t forget what you’ve never known but can choose to remember its absence.



-The Ones That Are Here-

I have always been astonished to see fathers pictured in American mainstream movies. They basically embody the definition of heroes. Braving borders, sickness, laws, poverty, or anything one could think of to be with their kids, to support their family, even in cases of broken homes. Especially in cases of broken homes actually. I would watch these dads move mountains to be with their children and think: they are out of this world amazing dads. It only occurred to me recently that they were just dads. Loving dads. I tried to picture my father pulling off a Mrs Doubtfire and it made me laugh out loud. Then a bit of sadness sneaked in. I don't think he fought even once, and until now I thought it was because he didn't love us. But I also know who he would have to fight against and than I understand him a bit better.

2017 - Ongoing


-Marcia's Dad-

For four years in a row I kept going back to the same thrift store that had quickly became my main family photos supplier.
The store was a warehouse that looked more like a dump than an actual store and all the things sold there were coming from garbages. In a corner was the paper department, and in it, the photographs piles.
Searching through these piles remain to this day some of the most exciting times I've had as a photographer.
But the most exciting part of it was to re-construct family albums through my numerous visits, and putting together pieces of a puzzle for which I did not know the scale.
My favorite re-construction was Marcia and her dad that spanned over three years of my life, and oddly enough, three years of hers.
Three years during which she appears with her dad -a man for which I found no name on the back of the pictures, just 'dad'- that seemed, on paper, pretty involved and excited about his daughter.
Obviously something went wrong, otherwise I would not own these images, maybe one of them is gone, maybe they are looking for each other. Maybe I will find them.

2014 - 2017


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