-Idealization and Rejection-

I have a real struggle with authority figures -especially male ones- and this has already shown to be prejudicial in professional settings.
I dread disappointing people and enjoy when nothing is expected of me.
I noticed that I never listen to middle-aged men's opinions and discard their feedback on pretty much anything.
I also noticed that I don't like my friend's dads. I believe being lectured by a middle-aged man could be what puts me in the worst tantrum of my life.
And I also hate and despise several historical male figures that are considered very powerful.
That includes -among others- Auguste Rodin, Charles de Gaulle, and Victor Hugo.

2016 - Ongoing


-Family Structures and Gender Expectations-

What about the single moms, the homosexual parents, the step fathers, the fathers in law?
There are so many concevable family structures, why are we still so obsessed with the very same one?
Is there a so called perfect structure for family, composed of a father a mother, a boy and a girl?
Is that coming from a weird mathematical rule in which each parent has its role and each child a parent to confide in?
Since as long as I can remember that schema has always creeped me out. This almost too perfect scenery only represent uneasiness to me, as if it had to be fake, and hide something terrible.
It also always seemed so boring to me.
Isn't it an eternal sort of double date?
But then an only child would be the third wheel?
Four would be too much for me to handle for sure.
But then if I have three, it's like Anna is missing.
And I can't keep this thought away from my mind.
But no children doesn't mean no family right?

2016 - Ongoing


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