Camille Lévêque (b. 1985, Paris) is a visual artist whose practice blends photography, collage, video and installation. She holds a BA in Fine Arts and Literature from Paris 8 University and a MA in Fine Arts from UCLA (Los Angeles). 

Whilst constantly developing her photography practice, she explores intimacy and build layered visual narratives blending documentary work with an artistic and personal approach.
Working around the archive as both the subject and the media, she questions the role of memory, its impact on the present and future, its limits, and its fading.
Her work thinks about relationships, matters of identity and origins - often looking at family as the cornerstone of her analysis.
Very much interested in the notion of family mythology, her research starts from an individual perspective to confront it with a collective one, building a conversation around the importance of memory and hereditary history in our relationship with reality. 
The photographic object becomes an excuse to investigate our ability to exchange, perceive, and document the truth or, on the contrary, to distort it to our benefit and re-invent ourselves.  
By pushing the boundaries of the medium, she plays with her past to a certain extent, seeking a new take on self-narration - on both an individual and collective scale. 

She has been working as a reporter for the UNHCR in Armenia and an editorial assistant for Magnum Photos in Paris to then focus on her practice as photographer and publisher.
She is founder and member of LIVE WILD collective and the co-founder of publishing house ORPHEUS STANDING ALONE
Since 2014, she’s been experimenting with LIVE WILD on authorship, identity and anonymity using aliases; working under seven different names - her own and six others - she’s developed various bodies of work that question the importance of the artist's character in their practice and career.

Her works are featured on various publications, online and in print, and regularly exhibited internationally.
Leveque has lived and worked in France, Armenia and the United-States, she is currently based in Paris, France but available for commissions worldwide.

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