2014 - 2020

What do our fathers, symbols of virility, strength and stability represent for us? What about the oppressors, abusive, authoritarians? What is its role, does it finds an echo in our societies and has that role changed?
I lay out questions while suggesting diverse interpretations through the use of satirical, tender or off the wall images.
No judgement is ventured, no interpretation is set, no answers are given.
Sometimes troubling oppressor sometimes reassuring protector, I carefully shape the different faces of the father, but also brutally show its absence.
From the solemn Holy Father to a still current fight against patriarchy, who is this complex, idealized, provoked, respected character and how does he influence our identity?
Beyond the fascinating aspect of the father figure in psychology studies, I bring my research to the representation of the father in commercials, movies, or, more broadly, in societies.
Blending a cheeky tone with a more serious approach I question the impact of this paternal figure (as well as its absence) on us children, and especially daughters.
The four chapter below are an overview of the work, including statements, research leads, and parts of accompanying texts.
The work confronts video, archive, digital photography, and installation and will take the final form of a book in 2020.
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