Pretty much everybody I met in the bay worked or were working in the weed industry. Whether they were growers, sellers or trimmers, they had a foot in this large family. From the first day I spent in California I kept hearing about people going «up north» to work and quickly understood how big of an industry it was. I joined a small group during the summer, and stayed locked up in the mountains trimming weed for days. The plant’s wax stays on the tip of your fingers for days and is a pain to swipe out without alcohol. We used to have large breakfast on the teak terrace and birdwatch before we’d get to work. Then we would work for hours, and hours. We found two snakes one day, dead, tangled in a wire fence. I was sleeping by the boiler. I for one don’t smoke pot. I once took a pot brownie and nearly passed out. I was on the beach by Sunset and I thought I heard the whales call me.
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