Orchestrating a discussion of two voices, Camille Lévêque and Lucie Khahoutian narrate, exchange and dismantle their relationship to Armenia and memory.
The former, French of Armenian origins, the latter Armenian immigrant in France, they confront their story ant the way time distort their memories, transforming their experience in romanticized tales.

With the shape of a complementary diptych, this conversation highlights the melancholic relationship of a community with its heritage and the communication sometimes chaotic between Armenians and their diaspora.
Alike a conversation between oriental and occidental Armenian, we’re facing here a dialogue leaving –deliberately- room for inaccuracy, rewriting, and a subjective interpretation of collective notions.

Between identity investigation and desire to widen the lexical field to tell the story of their heritage, the exchange confronts archive and contemporary tools while engaging a recurring back and forth between past, present and futur, but also, between reality and fiction. 

From the content to form, the story told here follows the track of time, its impact on memory, and therefore, on truth.
By rummaging through the story, inconsistencies appear, the accuracy weakens, we are not witnessing a discussion but a monologue.

Camille Lévêque is in fact sole master of the operation, attributing to her alias Lucie Khahoutian -in reality her grandmother- a lighter voice than her own.

One searching for answers and recognition, the other looking for closure and constructive transmission. This internal dialogue, staged and developed as an imaginary conversation amongst several generations of the same family illustrates then fully the construction of an multi layers identity, and the desire for a new lexical field to recount Armenity.



Duo Show 

Camille Lévêque & Lucie Khahoutian

Center For Armenian Heritage, Valence

June - August 2019 



Duo Show

Camille Lévêque & Lucie Khahoutian

Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs, Vence

September - October 2019 

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