There are some universal rules that seem to govern over those of men and nature - these mystical laws would appear to dictate the things that surround us. The number three rule has always had a significant impact on my life. 

Past, present, future. The body, the mind, the soul.

Length, width, hight. The man, the child, the woman.

Triptychs with an unsettling clarity in a life made of superstition and symbolism, the number three rule weaves a impeccable pyramid longing for the skies. 

Those names of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit invoke harmony in all elements altogether with nature. 

This rule thus crosses ages, cultures, and disciplines - trinity, trilogy, triptych - to finally settle as a mystical line, whether it be perceptible or unseen, of nature and things.

I was born on the third of the month November. 

The number three thus established itself as a prism through which these recurrent symbols are drawn naturally, the black cat, the ladder, the scaffolding, the magic.

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