Anna and I were in Armenia early this year, right in the winter’s bite. Each day was longer than the last and we were working all day long restlessly. Taking pictures, writing, recording for the book. We traveled pretty much everywhere, the weather was kind and the roads were mostly clear. Often, the setting around us was so beautiful, so breath-taking we were literally out of breath. We kept walking in Tarkovsky-like sceneries and there was no end to the mountains stream. The Polaroids were struggling to process because of the cold. We were in Khor Virap and there is photographer there who takes pictures of people in front of the church and they buy it as a souvenir. It is nice some places still do that. That photographer saw us shaking our films frenetically in order to help them reveal the picture and offered his help. He seemed rather intrigued and at the same time very confident as to how to solve this. He took a film and put it face down quite literally on a fire nearby then proudly gave it back to us. The picture was ruined but in an endearing way, a navy blue stain was covering pretty much all of it. I remember his face very vividly. He knew he had messed up but he kept smiling and nodding, he thought it was a pretty cool picture.
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