2015 - 0ngoing

Like every third generation Armenian, granddaughter of a political refugee, I was brought up in an environment where the idea of memory itself had become a sacred altar in which Ararat mountain was taking the central stage in its role of icon. 

Between identity investigation and desire to widen the lexical field to tell the story of my heritage, the story confronts archive and contemporary tools while engaging a voluntarily and recurring back and forth between past, present and futur, but also, between reality and fiction. 

Blending my own archive, found images in Erevan markets, and photographs took in Armenia for the past five years, I narrate not only my story but the one of a community trying to shape its future without being constantly pulled back by its heavy past and a diaspora paralyzed by melancholy that needs to move forward and renew the tools to share its story.

Highlighting the intense relationship Armenian diaspora maintains toward its heritage, I build a narrative in which culture is religion and archive is an icon.

My family stories have become tales and this heritage of « duty of memory » maybe impacts my perception; flaking souvenirs and memories told too many times transform History in stories, and reality in fantasy.

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