We left pretty excited, with Kath and Ken to camp for a couple nights somewhere up north. It was the first time I was going to the Mendocino county and I didn’t know back then that I would end up going back there over three times within two month. The drive there seemed endless, but we finally made it to the Eel River.
The redwoods were high and moving slowly to the beat of a strong wind. 
The sounds they made bending to the wind’s blow remains to that day one of the prettiest thing I’ve ever heard.
Anna has always been a bit of a klutz and without big surprise she managed to hurt herself by falling and rolling over in a slope. She scratched her legs and an elbow pretty bad. 
At night we were cold we had not brought enough layers or gear and spent rather terrible nights, despite the sounds of the trees.

Originally we had planned to go to Yosemite.

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